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Life & Health Insurance Live Leads

Successful and cost effective life and health lead generation for you or your business… Taking a proactive approach to the health care industry, B2C Insurance Leads is ideally poised to monitor and adapt to the changes that the health insurance industry is currently ongoing and still facing.

For your convenience we will set up a targeted campaign for you to bring in live leads for your business. Much like our other valuable services, we are able to deliver one call at a time, or as many as your system is able to handle.

Our turnkey services allow you to establish a campaign and then to sit back and watch as the leads roll in. We will undertake the initial contact with a prospective buyer and after we have established their suitability we will transfer them to your line for you to close the deal. You have the remarkable skill set necessary to close deals with a high percentage, and we are just here to make sure the calls happen in the first place.

We here at B2C Insurance Leads understand that it can be frustrating to have a budget. This is why we have created numerous packages to fit the needs of any size company with almost any size budget. So give us a call or drop us a line and tell us what you’re looking for. We’re certain we have the right plan for you.

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