Live Transfer Final Expense Leads

We provie high quality final expense insurance leads with making it as simple & as cost effective as possible for you or your final expense business with live leads...

The Highest Quality in Live Transfer Leads

As an industry leader, we provide you and your business with the highest quality in live final expense leads. We make it as simple and cost effective as we possibly can to gain access to these best quality leads. Our leads even have a closure rate as high as 20%!

How Does It Work?

We do the legwork for you by calling prospective clients and generating interest. After we determine that they have a reasonable chance to follow through, we transfer the leads directly to your phone. You’ll never have to worry if the customer is going to be immediately excluded because they fail to meet even the most basic of criteria.

Since we pre-screen all potential customers for you, there’s never a question of whether or not someone will be immediately excluded from the applicant pool. We understand your time is valuable and we don’t wish to waste it with irrelevant leads.

Even if you do business by appointment or solely over the phone, we can transfer you the best prospects with the highest potential of accepting a quote!

With our trademark web portal system you are able to control every aspect of final expense leads campaign. This turnkey solution gives you unparalleled access to your campaign and allows you to:

View your logs for detailed follow-throughs
Enable call limitations so only one call comes through at a time alt...

Our live transfer burial insurance leads typically go over five minutes in length over 25% of the time. For those of you who historically have generated leads from the Internet you should recognize our statistics as especially impressive.

All we’re going to need from you is just two days to get your system up and running. No matter your budget, no matter your quota, we have packages that are sure to suit your needs.

Why B2C for Final Expense Leads?

All of our agents were actually in insurance and sold insurance for years before joining our team. We handpicked our staff to be the best and all of our staff knows what to look for in the highest quality final expense leads that we’re going to present to you. With over 20 years of experience supplying insurance leads, B2C has developed the right tools to help you with your funeral leads.

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