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Selling insurance primarily requires finding a number of potential customers to start with. The use of the mail brochure is often used when listing the various products and services covered in your insurance. More important, the mass mail brochure acts both as promotion and contact information to prospective clients, whereby you access their mails and later communicate with them easily. Much as the mass mailing will set you off, insuring, it is not part of customer recruitment. Recruiting your own clients is much more entailing since the needs and wants of the customers must be collected and summarized in a business proposal that describes how through your insurance their needs will be met. There are different types of insurance you may venture in but all fields of insurance covers assume the same format proposal.

First, potential customers are identified with their needs and wants tabulated in a customer oriented plan which is able to convince them that their desires are well known to you and the approach you are offering will ultimately be able to satisfy them. A typical business proposal will take the structure with; introduction, description of customers needs, explanation of how the needs will be met and why you, and your products are the best. The key here it to extensively identify the needs, else the proposal may not serve the purpose. A pre-designed proposal kit can be helpful with the outline and composites of a good business proposal. Whichever is your choice, include a cover letter in the first page providing with your details, contacts and the purpose of the business plan.

Next follows the title page with the name of your proposal and in case it is a complex document targeting more people, consider including the executive summary. From here, you should be able to include all the description of needs in your customer scope. This part may further be segmented to analysis of needs, background of the customers, risk assessment, requirements, and considerations among many. This part is followed by an explanation of how the listed needs are to be met and the costing in subheadings such as recommendations, options, comparisons, policies, premiums, contracts terms, claims, exclusions, reliability, bonding or any other that is deemed important. The business proposal is then summarized with prove that you are the best candidate in meeting your clients insurance needs by providing company information about us, experience page, customer's base and customers served. Any certification, awards, training and experience concerning insurance maybe highlighted here. Lastly, finish with a call action or next steps page that prompts the customer with what to do next like sign a contract or organize to meet with you for further details.

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