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Lead is more than one person who are interested in a particular products are services. Here it is important that a lead doesn't give a guarantee of sale. To convert the leads into sales, they need someone to convince that why they should buy and what are the main advantages they will get if buy a products or services.

If you are an insurance agent and buy insurance leads, then it means you are buying an opportunity not guarantees. Leads can be converted into sales but it depends on quality of leads like verified or non-verified, live transfer etc. and your conveniencing skills.

If we talk about final expense leads or burial insurance leads then many insurance agents generally buy direct mail final expense insurance leads. This is because most of the final expense agents think that quality of direct mail leads is better and consistent than other leads.

Buying final expense leads is an investment which is best suited to the old age people who need reimbursement to cover the funeral expenses after death. It is uncomplicatedly relative to the business advantages.
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