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Selling Final Expense and Life Insurance

Final expense and life insurance leads

It's quite interesting topic to make differences between two terms like providing life insurance and selling burial insurance. This article is created for who just started to be involved to such topic as selling insurance, who learning this for having insurance license or for someone who just interested what these terms really means.
In general, we can say, that it's same. This is two policies that give money when someone dies. That's easy to understand. However, how these services marketed?

First, final expense and burial insurance are the interchangeable, same terms. This service provides money to cover burial expenses. Burial insurance mostly buy people between 50-80 ages. It means that buyers are people who need coverage, but they don't have much money for paying at once.

It is really a huge market. There are many (millions) people who has no savings but have stabile specific incoming. Agent just needs to find that type of people and push them to buy exactly this type of insurance.

Agent doesn't look for the biggest 5% income earners, because this area is really competitive, also sales process much longer. According to demographic statistic, business growing daily. A lot of prospects have inferior insurance; therefore, replacing insurance will give a big part of incoming.

To sell burial Insurance its good opportunity, you can consider about it. This product is easy to sell, and moreover, it's connected with other life insurance products. Just its sort of niche, where you can specialize. Many insurance sell both life as well as final expense insurance. Similarly, lead generation companies sell both kinds of insurance leads i.e. final expense leads and life insurance leads as well.

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