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How to Set Burial Expense Leads Appointments by Phone

Use of phone professionally is very important to set up appointment for burial insurance leads. Below paragraphs are discussing the use of phone efficiently to set up burial insurance appointment in a successful way.

When to Call?

The best time to phone call is between 9am to 8pm. You should avoid calling in the late night or before 9am because people don't prefer to pick up your call regarding appointment at this time. During day time, the most ideal time is 10am to 11am. Also, if you wish then call on weekend between 9am to 11am.

Appointment Script

This is very important what you speak during phone discussion. Your first goal should be set the appointment, not qualify the prospect. Never go into the sales script because here your goal is set up appointment to elucidate details the lead is willing about.

You should convince your lead to agree to discuss inside of his or her house for 5-10 minutes. If lead is agree to discuss on his or her house then it means he or she is interested. Also, according to research, you must speak bit loudly, and clearly that lead can understand properly.

The most common questions that can be asked by leads are "What is this regarding", I am very busy" etc. You should give the answer of such kinds of questions very glowingly like " Hi it's fine and that is exactly why we need to meet up. I just need your 10 minutes to explain everything and what you do it's up to you. Can we meet tomorrow at 3pm" Or " I am calling you because tomorrow I will be in your area and it would be great to set up a 10-minutes appointment regarding information you requested."
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