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How final expense insurance can help you if you have already life insurance

final expense insurance

A lot of people have life insurance and therefore do not see the need to buy burial insurance which is also referred to as final expense insurance. Lack of the final expense insurance plan might render a family unnecessary fees and unpaid balances after they are done with funeral services. It is important to note that the final expense insurance is bought at a lower amount compared to the traditional insurance since the amount is used to provide burial funds alone for the insured.

The final expense insurance requires no medical exam unlike in the traditional health insurance plan where you have to provide a medical exam and other documentation before getting insured. The only requirement is answering several medical questions where there is no underwriting. The final expense insurance is issued within a week or two as opposed to waiting for long like with the traditional insurance. Some states have a guarantee of a certain amount of coverage regardless of whether you are of ill health or not.

The final expense funds are given within 24 hours after the request. The final expense insurance does not ask for death certificates and other documentation for them to release the funds which may take a long time. In such scenario, a lot of resources and time get wasted unlike in the final expense insurance which disperses the amount 24 hours after the funeral services is given.

Many people tend to use a lot of their savings to cater for funerals if the people are not insured. Final expense life insurance comes in handy in such situations where money can be provided to ease the financial burden of the family knows such times. It also makes sure the life of the left family members' continues smoothly having been catered for the burial expenses.

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