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Various Ways to Generate Leads on social media

Leads generation is increasingly becoming an important business to business or business to seller aiding kit due to the convenience it poses in attracting and retaining customers. Social media had been identified as n the importance source of generate leads through the following seven methods:

1. Use of Facebook resources-Apparently, Facebook is a widely used social media platform whose has a heavy organic traffic that can be used to generate leads. Although it can prove difficult tracking the organic traffic in FB, using Facebook ads can help target very many customers within a short time.

2. Using twitter resources-Like Facebook, twitter attracts many people and activities whose tweet and message regularly would target TVs as well as other many tailored audience and keyword. Advertisement related to twitter use has been found to be on a rapid increase.

3. Using LinkedIn resources- The use of LinkedIn in leads generation is more effective probably than the examples given above since there are higher chances of the messages posted being captured by the intended audience. It can be achieved in simple steps of introducing a business in the site, making logical research and aggressively publishing articles that target specific audience.

4. Use of Pinterest resources, videos and instagram-Leads can be generated using this method through posting videos that improve web traffic, instagrams and Pinterest attracts loyal group followers that can be converted as target audience.

5. Use of shared links in gated content- Here, important information will be protected in the site against perusal without permission. As a result, many followers will go seeking for password to access this perceived important information and consequently their details can be captures and used k generating leads.

6. Advertising through social media-Customers who follow advertisements made in the social media are `perceived as potential customers who can be used to generate leads, promote gated content at a relative low cost

7. Social selling-This is another effective leads generation and includes social selling, listening, and selling practices while building a B2B relationship.

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