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Advantages of Live Final Expense Leads


All final expense agents should have have a basket of lead vendors, including a live lead vendor. Live leads are a great tool for the final expense agent on the go. Imagine being able to take live transfer leads whenever you like, where ever you like. With the expanding elderly population, you will be able to contact more seniors in less time with live final expense leads. Seniors will need your help and our system get's them interested in a quote, and phone transferred to your phone in real time to fulfill that quote.

It's perfect when you have a few hours of office time. Just turn the leads on and get interested prospects on your phone in real time. It's like final expense leads on demand. You can make appointments with our system or go through a pitch and close them on the phone. We have a great script to use or can give you pointers on organizing your pitch to make an appointment.

B2C Insurance specializes in final expense leads. 95% of our clientele are final expense agents. Our leads close 5 to 20 percent. We give you all the tools to succeed. Give B2C a shot!

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